Family Nursing Revelation

‘You can’t stop me!’ I called down the stairs, stamping my foot on the carpet.          ‘As long as you live under my roof, you still have to do what I say!’ my father shouted back.          The door next to me cracked open and my brother peeked his head out.          ‘What’s going on?’… Continue reading Family Nursing Revelation

Well-Laid Plans

‘Honey?’ I called out from the dining room table, frowning at an envelope I’d just cracked open.          ‘A-yup?’ my husband Jared sauntered in from the kitchen, the beginnings of a pasta sauce splattered on the front of his apron.          ‘What are these?’ I gestured at the blueprints that had spilled out of the… Continue reading Well-Laid Plans

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Helping to Build

‘Are you busy?’          I jumped, and bonked my head on a wooden beam above me.          ‘Ooh, sorry love,’ my mum said, tip-toeing through the half-built frame of the flat and rushing to pat me on the shoulder. ‘How’s your head?’          ‘Topographically interesting,’ I grunted, with a pained grin.          ‘What?’          ‘What… Continue reading Helping to Build

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New Flower Craze!

Man, that new dance craze is the business. You know, the one from that popular girl on the Tink Clocks app. No idea why the whole thing is empty and the whole thing is just weird, but it’s a fun dance. I think they’re calling it ‘The Slapper’, at least from what I saw online.… Continue reading New Flower Craze!

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Shattering Revelation

“What do you mean, you were in love with me?” Maphira asked, taken completely aback by Vai’s revelation. “If that was the case, why didn’t you say anything?” Vai sighed. “Because I knew that there was no way we’d ever be together. We’re just… not compatible, Mai. That’s the truth, no matter how much I’d… Continue reading Shattering Revelation

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Spring Garden Fashion

Some of my favourite things about spring: the flowers, the light, the smell and the fashion. Spring fashion is everything. It is effortless and pastel and layered. This month I was asked to design a small boutique line of womenswear for a fairly major designer. This is a dream job for me. I couldn’t have… Continue reading Spring Garden Fashion

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Future of Conveyancing

“The future of conveyancing in Carnegie? That’s a bit random.” It was the last exhibit they had to cross through before reaching the end of the museum and taking the stairs up to the roof, where they could confront Bender in exactly ten minutes. Vai was right, the exhibit was quite random. Why focus on… Continue reading Future of Conveyancing

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Stolen By Renovations

Vai was glad to have the truth off her chest. In reality, it didn’t matter – how she’d once felt about Maphira. That had been years ago, and she was over it now. But she’d held onto that pain for so long that there was a sort of release in speaking the truth. The thing… Continue reading Stolen By Renovations