A Salty Idea

I have a bit of a weird request. Not the weirdest request in the world, but still probably a little bit strange. I am currently trying to sell salt. Plain, white, iodised table salt, and I need someone to help me market it. You might think: everybody has salt in their kitchens, surely you’d have… Continue reading A Salty Idea

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Incredible Baby Video

I always get tired around 3:00pm. It’s that awkward time where I’m at the very crux of my lunchtime food coma and it’s getting close enough to the end of the day that my mind is subconsciously winding down. It probably doesn’t help that I’m very nice and cosy right now. I’m sitting on my… Continue reading Incredible Baby Video

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About My Children

Raising children can be difficult. I thought the baby stage was bad enough, with all the tossing and turning and feeding during the night, but actually trying to turn these small creatures into functioning adults is even worse. Not only for how much time you have to invest in their development, but also in terms… Continue reading About My Children

Presenting a Bathtub

‘So when you think comfortable baths, you think…’ I pointed to the crowd, waiting for them to finish the slogan. The silence nearly made me fall over. One guy coughed. ‘Bayman’s,’ I mumbled into the microphone. ‘Think Bayman’s Baths.’ ‘Thank you David, for that very impressive demonstration!’ my manager half-ran onto the stage, clapping ahead… Continue reading Presenting a Bathtub

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Drain Plumbing Favour

‘What seems to be the problem?’ the plumber drawled in a thick southern accent as soon as I opened the door. ‘Hilarious,’ I rolled my eyes, walking back inside. He chuckled and followed me in. ‘If you want my plumbing services, you’re gonna have to pay somehow.’ ‘Terrible jokes is what you’ve settled on?’ ‘Only… Continue reading Drain Plumbing Favour

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Locker Room Tattoo

‘Woah, sick tat, man!’ I turned around and frowned, trying to see who in the crowded locker room had just spoken. A young guy with sandy-blonde hair and wearing nothing but a pair of sunglasses was nodding enthusiastically in my direction. ‘Thanks,’ I smiled politely, averting my eyes slightly. ‘Glad you like it.’ ‘Yo, where… Continue reading Locker Room Tattoo

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Car Service Expenses

Taking my car to get a service is such a chore. I really can’t be bothered doing it. I simultaneously find it disruptive to my daily schedule and stressful. It’s disruptive because I have to take time off work to put my car in for the service and then I don’t have a car until… Continue reading Car Service Expenses

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Finding Balustrade Companies

I’m on a top secret mission to uncover the best glass balustrade company in the world. It hasn’t been easy and it has taken me to the furthest corners of the globe. Far and wide, I have visited countless places. I’ve seen things that I never thought I’d see in my lifetime, all on my… Continue reading Finding Balustrade Companies

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Big Birthday Surprise

Surprise! Happy Birthday! Yep, that’s right, I’ve thrown you a surprise party. I know you said you don’t like surprises but when have I ever listened to you? You don’t know what’s best for yourself. That’s why it’s my job to do it for you. For your birthday, I got you an awesome present. Something… Continue reading Big Birthday Surprise

Rebecca’s Good Luck

Hey gals! So we all had a busy couple of years there, huh? Yikes to everyone’s pain – so sorry you had to go through all of that. Luckily, your bestie Rebecca has managed to escape completely unscathed! Can you believe I haven’t broken a bone in my entire life?! I know! Bonkers! Anyway, I… Continue reading Rebecca’s Good Luck