Fungal-Infected Gate

‘There it is,’ I breathed as the last of the sun dipped its dappled light onto the forest canopy. ‘The gates of Cheltenham.’          ‘Wow,’ Giles gasped, coming up behind me. They truly were incredible – large stone constructions, dwarfed only by the largest of the mighty trees standing alongside it. The engraving work done… Continue reading Fungal-Infected Gate

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Ute Conversations Incoming

Rylee moved through the empty conveyancing museum, searching for answers. As she wheeled herself about, she looked for anything that might give her clues as to what had happened on the roof. The chances of her finding anything were slim, but it wasn’t like she could get onto the roof with a broken leg. Despite… Continue reading Ute Conversations Incoming

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Interesting Bathroom Suggestion

‘I just think you should consider it,’ I pleaded calmly. ‘Is that too much to ask?’          ‘Jacob, we’re not putting a hot tub in our bathroom.’          ‘Why not?’ I asked, almost falling to my knees. ‘How is that not an incredible idea?’          ‘For starters,’ my wife Leah frowned, ‘we don’t have room.’… Continue reading Interesting Bathroom Suggestion

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House Buying Nerves

I paced backwards and forwards across the living room, chewing on my fingernail.          ‘Oh, my god,’ Jeanine eventually burst out. ‘Can you please sit down?’          ‘Oh, sorry,’ I murmured, still pacing.          ‘Well?’          ‘Well, what?’          ‘Can you sit, please?’          ‘Oh, right,’ I said, forcing myself into my grandpa’s old rocking… Continue reading House Buying Nerves

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