Wall Art Decisions

I’ve got some serious decision making to do. I’m trying to find a new look for myself and my home, which means reinventing how I see myself. There are some things that I want to try but they’re going to take a long time to reverse if they go wrong or I don’t like them.… Continue reading Wall Art Decisions

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Car Anticipation

I’m really excited! It’s Monday morning and I can’t wait to just get through the week. I’m always excited for work weeks to go quickly and for it to be the weekend again, but this weekend, in particular, is special. It’s not only my birthday this coming Friday, I’m also visiting a new car mechanic… Continue reading Car Anticipation

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Solar Robot Destroyed

Maphira and Rylee made for the exit of the building, although they weren’t exactly sure where that was. At this point, they could only hope that Cole and Vai managed to escape. Maphira would have gone back to help them, but getting her sister out of here alive mattered most. As they neared a set… Continue reading Solar Robot Destroyed

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European Car Photoshoot

I am currently preparing my car for a photoshoot by the seaside. I love my car so much that I have to do this. I really badly just want to create a calendar of photos of my prized possession – my car. It is my favourite thing in the world. My car is my one… Continue reading European Car Photoshoot

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Bathroom Design Pitch

‘Hey, so I’ve been thinking,’ Laura said, carefully plying the sentence with innocence as she climbed into bed next to me. ‘Yeah?’ I asked, closing my book suspiciously. ‘What was that?’ she frowned. ‘What was what?’ ‘The way you closed your book? It was suspicious.’ ‘What were you thinking?’ I asked, narrowing my eyes. ‘I… Continue reading Bathroom Design Pitch

Glass Stair Balustrade

I love how the light hits my glass stair balustrade on a sunny day. I often sit under or beside the balustrade depending on where the light is hitting best. It not only warms my entire body, but it also looks absolutely beautiful and produces rainbows on the ground when the light hits in just… Continue reading Glass Stair Balustrade

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Helpful Commercial Plumber

‘I can’t believe how heavy it’s raining!’ I called into the entryway as I ran through my front door, briefcase tucked under my arm and a huge grin on my face. ‘It’s cats and dogs out there.’ I slipped off my boots and my coat, my smile dimming slightly when I didn’t hear anything back.… Continue reading Helpful Commercial Plumber

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My New Home

Today is the day that I move into my new house. After fifteen years, I’m no longer renting and I’m finally going to live in a home that’s my own. I can’t even begin to explain how good the feeling is. Owning a home is my dream come true. Everything I’ve worked so hard for… Continue reading My New Home

Lemon Eye Test

‘How bad is it?’ I asked, chewing on my nails outside the bathroom door. ‘Pretty bad, Mark,’ Rebecca growled at me from the other side of the locked door. ‘I can’t see anything!’ ‘What, at all?’ ‘What does “anything” mean?!’ ‘Okay, okay,’ I said soothingly, stepping back from the door. ‘No need to get angry,… Continue reading Lemon Eye Test