Cinema Heating Woes

The cinematic heart of Bayside was in turmoil. The joy of the latest blockbuster was cut short as the theatre transformed into a scorching desert. The heating system had gone berserk, engulfing the venue in waves of stifling heat. In this hour of desperation, the call for Hampton heating and cooling services echoed loud and… Continue reading Cinema Heating Woes

Humble House Beginnings

Sir Reginald Pomp, with his perfectly coiffed hair and always impeccable three-piece suit, had an epiphany. As the credits rolled on an episode of “Everyday Estates” – a reality TV show about middle-class families and their daily challenges – he felt an overwhelming urge. An urge to live, not just exist. To understand the plight… Continue reading Humble House Beginnings

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Steel Sensei’s Retirement

“Retired?” Yagami said, placing his foot in the door before Kinzoku-san could slam it shut. “How can you be retired? Did you ever train anyone to take your place?” “No, boy. My steel was too dangerous. If you knew what it had done, you would not have come here.” Yagami shook his head. “I am… Continue reading Steel Sensei’s Retirement

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My Ute Update

As a tradesman, it’s always essential that I have the right tools and equipment for every job. While I might not technically have an office, I often like to regard my ute as my office. I always ensure my ute is set up in the best way possible to ensure I can get my work… Continue reading My Ute Update

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Lost Luxury Home

How had I ended up here? It was a question I’d asked myself hundreds of times over hundreds of days, working in the hot sun with a heavy hammer. The tiny construction company I’d spent my youth working for had gone under a few years ago – I thought about them a lot. The owner… Continue reading Lost Luxury Home

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Escaping the Heat

‘What have you done?’ one of the guards gaped, eyes turned towards the blaze at the centre of the town. He turned back, stifling a yelp as he saw me sprinting towards him. I launched over his head, tapping into a current of air and letting it carry me higher than the reach of his… Continue reading Escaping the Heat

Energy Gala, Really?

Dirk had chosen the wrong time to have a long holiday. The first thing he did upon his return was check the crew’s shared online diary, which they apparently had decided to start updating regularly in his time away. It made sense, given they didn’t really have opportunities to chat about their plans. And given… Continue reading Energy Gala, Really?

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Hardware Store Revelations

Julie was shocked to see the grown woman burst into tears before her. It wasn’t every day that Julie went on a mission to learn more about her husband, so she wasn’t quite sure what to expect to begin with. All she knew was that her husband needed to visit this particular hardware store located… Continue reading Hardware Store Revelations

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Friends And Designs

Thinking about the future is tough. A friend of mine is going through a really tough time at the moment and she has to make all these decisions that are going to really impact her life. I can see in her eyes how hard all of this has been on her and it breaks my… Continue reading Friends And Designs