Ute Conversations Incoming

Rylee moved through the empty conveyancing museum, searching for answers. As she wheeled herself about, she looked for anything that might give her clues as to what had happened on the roof. The chances of her finding anything were slim, but it wasn’t like she could get onto the roof with a broken leg. Despite… Continue reading Ute Conversations Incoming

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Interesting Bathroom Suggestion

‘I just think you should consider it,’ I pleaded calmly. ‘Is that too much to ask?’          ‘Jacob, we’re not putting a hot tub in our bathroom.’          ‘Why not?’ I asked, almost falling to my knees. ‘How is that not an incredible idea?’          ‘For starters,’ my wife Leah frowned, ‘we don’t have room.’… Continue reading Interesting Bathroom Suggestion

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House Buying Nerves

I paced backwards and forwards across the living room, chewing on my fingernail.          ‘Oh, my god,’ Jeanine eventually burst out. ‘Can you please sit down?’          ‘Oh, sorry,’ I murmured, still pacing.          ‘Well?’          ‘Well, what?’          ‘Can you sit, please?’          ‘Oh, right,’ I said, forcing myself into my grandpa’s old rocking… Continue reading House Buying Nerves

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Office Vantage Point

Vai took a laser tag vest with blue lights, preparing for the battle ahead. Maphira looked her over, admitting that her former partner looked good in it. She held her laser blaster ready, then nodded that she was set to go. Maphira and Vai walked together, heading through the doors, into a dark office space… Continue reading Office Vantage Point

Standing By The Rods

I’m sailing up to Airlie beach this week with my wife. We’ve loved sailing since we were little. We met through sailing when we were very young and grew up sailing together every summer throughout our childhood. As a child I enjoyed every minute on the water with my now-wife. At the time she was… Continue reading Standing By The Rods

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Installing New NBN

I’m filled with excitement. Not only is it almost the weekend but it’s almost HOLIDAYS! I’m about to have almost two weeks off work and I am over the moon about it. It’s been a long time since I’ve been on a plane, or gone on a holiday for that matter and to say I’m… Continue reading Installing New NBN

Mechanic Reluctance

‘It’s not supposed to make that sound is it,’ I frowned over my mug of tea.          ‘It definitely is not,’ my son frowned next to me, over his mug of hot chocolate.          We both took a long, frowning sip.          ‘Well,’ my husband grunted, hopping out of his ute and slamming the door,… Continue reading Mechanic Reluctance

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Mechanic Base Failure

Bang!  Bang!  Bang! The banging hadn’t stopped for ten minutes, another strike coming every three seconds exactly. Charlie knew they were only teasing – there was no way out of Fred Bentleigh’s office except that door, and the Little Men could have kicked it down with ease. After all, they’d brought down the entire wall… Continue reading Mechanic Base Failure

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Energy Battle

The Bender robot snapped to attention, immediately unleashing a barrage of lasers across the rooftop. Maphira and Vai dived, narrowly avoiding the attack. When Bender’s lasers were gone, they sprung back up and went straight for Dr Con Dew Ratroti. Con dodged Maphira’s swing, then stepped back to avoid another Bender laser. Maphira ducked, the… Continue reading Energy Battle

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Typical Tattoo Mistakes

Growing older means growing up. For a lot of people that’s not the case. I know plenty of people my age who still act like they are fresh out of university. They look like adults but behave like children, and it’s clear that they don’t plan on growing up any time soon.  I am proud… Continue reading Typical Tattoo Mistakes

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