Energy Gala, Really?

Dirk had chosen the wrong time to have a long holiday. The first thing he did upon his return was check the crew’s shared online diary, which they apparently had decided to start updating regularly in his time away. It made sense, given they didn’t really have opportunities to chat about their plans. And given… Continue reading Energy Gala, Really?

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Hardware Store Revelations

Julie was shocked to see the grown woman burst into tears before her. It wasn’t every day that Julie went on a mission to learn more about her husband, so she wasn’t quite sure what to expect to begin with. All she knew was that her husband needed to visit this particular hardware store located… Continue reading Hardware Store Revelations

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Friends And Designs

Thinking about the future is tough. A friend of mine is going through a really tough time at the moment and she has to make all these decisions that are going to really impact her life. I can see in her eyes how hard all of this has been on her and it breaks my… Continue reading Friends And Designs

Visit From A Technician

The heating technician is currently in my home servicing my heater. I am a bit shocked and I am standing well away from him while he does his work. I’m not afraid of the technician, but the entire situation has confused me. Who would be responsible for this? I called my daughter to ask her… Continue reading Visit From A Technician

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The Shoulder Procedure

I have been dealing with shoulder pain for several months now. At first, I didn’t want to get it seen to because I try to avoid spending money as a rule, however it eventually got so bad that I had no other choice. It wasn’t responding to the nonsurgical treatment I had tried, like resting… Continue reading The Shoulder Procedure

Stormy Boat Wrap

The wind howled at my back as I fought against the bucking waves, the boat tilting against the incredible swells.          ‘Drop the mizzen!’ I bellowed over the crashing spray. My assistant, a young kid named George who hadn’t been expecting a storm, tensed his body like he was about to leap into action –… Continue reading Stormy Boat Wrap

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Minor Servicing Assistance

I punched some numbers into the dashboard of my ship’s computer, tongue sticking out of my mouth as I did some rapid calculations in my head.          ‘Why don’t you use a computer to plot the path, like a normal person?’ Astor asked, trudging into the cockpit with a yawn and a stretch.          ‘Because,’… Continue reading Minor Servicing Assistance

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Wall Art Decisions

I’ve got some serious decision making to do. I’m trying to find a new look for myself and my home, which means reinventing how I see myself. There are some things that I want to try but they’re going to take a long time to reverse if they go wrong or I don’t like them.… Continue reading Wall Art Decisions

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Car Anticipation

I’m really excited! It’s Monday morning and I can’t wait to just get through the week. I’m always excited for work weeks to go quickly and for it to be the weekend again, but this weekend, in particular, is special. It’s not only my birthday this coming Friday, I’m also visiting a new car mechanic… Continue reading Car Anticipation

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Solar Robot Destroyed

Maphira and Rylee made for the exit of the building, although they weren’t exactly sure where that was. At this point, they could only hope that Cole and Vai managed to escape. Maphira would have gone back to help them, but getting her sister out of here alive mattered most. As they neared a set… Continue reading Solar Robot Destroyed

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