Mum’s Nursing Fight

‘Are you joking?’ my mother scoffed from behind her basket of washing. ‘I have to assume you’re joking.’ ‘We’re serious, Mum,’ I said with a sigh, looking over to my sister Ruby for support. ‘It’s just the next step we think you need,’ Ruby said quickly, layering onto my point. ‘There’s no shame in—’ ‘Oh,… Continue reading Mum’s Nursing Fight

Family Nursing Revelation

‘You can’t stop me!’ I called down the stairs, stamping my foot on the carpet. ‘As long as you live under my roof, you still have to do what I say!’ my father shouted back. The door next to me cracked open and my brother peeked his head out. ‘What’s going on?’ he frowned. ‘Nothing!’… Continue reading Family Nursing Revelation