Bathroom Design Pitch

‘Hey, so I’ve been thinking,’ Laura said, carefully plying the sentence with innocence as she climbed into bed next to me. ‘Yeah?’ I asked, closing my book suspiciously. ‘What was that?’ she frowned. ‘What was what?’ ‘The way you closed your book? It was suspicious.’ ‘What were you thinking?’ I asked, narrowing my eyes. ‘I… Continue reading Bathroom Design Pitch

Big Birthday Surprise

Surprise! Happy Birthday! Yep, that’s right, I’ve thrown you a surprise party. I know you said you don’t like surprises but when have I ever listened to you? You don’t know what’s best for yourself. That’s why it’s my job to do it for you. For your birthday, I got you an awesome present. Something… Continue reading Big Birthday Surprise

Stolen By Renovations

Vai was glad to have the truth off her chest. In reality, it didn’t matter – how she’d once felt about Maphira. That had been years ago, and she was over it now. But she’d held onto that pain for so long that there was a sort of release in speaking the truth. The thing… Continue reading Stolen By Renovations