Bathroom Design Pitch

‘Hey, so I’ve been thinking,’ Laura said, carefully plying the sentence with innocence as she climbed into bed next to me.          ‘Yeah?’ I asked, closing my book suspiciously.          ‘What was that?’ she frowned.          ‘What was what?’          ‘The way you closed your book? It was suspicious.’          ‘What were you thinking?’ I… Continue reading Bathroom Design Pitch

Big Birthday Surprise

Surprise! Happy Birthday! Yep, that’s right, I’ve thrown you a surprise party. I know you said you don’t like surprises but when have I ever listened to you? You don’t know what’s best for yourself. That’s why it’s my job to do it for you. For your birthday, I got you an awesome present. Something… Continue reading Big Birthday Surprise

Stolen By Renovations

Vai was glad to have the truth off her chest. In reality, it didn’t matter – how she’d once felt about Maphira. That had been years ago, and she was over it now. But she’d held onto that pain for so long that there was a sort of release in speaking the truth. The thing… Continue reading Stolen By Renovations