European Car Photoshoot

I am currently preparing my car for a photoshoot by the seaside. I love my car so much that I have to do this. I really badly just want to create a calendar of photos of my prized possession – my car. It is my favourite thing in the world. My car is my one true love. If I got a girlfriend and she asked me to choose between her and my car, I’d choose my car. I mean, I’m sure that’s obvious. I wouldn’t make a calendar of photos of my girlfriend. I wouldn’t care about her enough to do so. My car is the only thing I will ever care about in my life.

To get my car ready for her photo shoot, I’m taking her to the best European car mechanic in the south east area. I want my baby to be in the absolute best condition of her life. There’s no way I’d take her to a mechanic that didn’t specialise in European cars like mine. If I took her to a regular mechanic she might not get the specialised attention that she deserves. My baby requires a special kind of service and relies on the expertise of the right mechanics to work optimally. 

I’ve spent the last few weeks planning out the photos for each month of the calendar. It’s actually hard to do. I need to try and coordinate the photo to any of the important events happening in that month. For example, in April my car will be positioned next to its roadworthy certificate issued in Frankston two years ago. April was the anniversary of my car being issued with a roadworthy certificate, so it’s kind of like my car’s birthday. Maybe I’ll put a party hat on the top of it too. Obviously for December I’m going to photoshop lots of reindeer and Santa into the image. I’ll be giving this calendar to my family so I want it to be festive.

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