Future of Conveyancing

“The future of conveyancing in Carnegie? That’s a bit random.”

It was the last exhibit they had to cross through before reaching the end of the museum and taking the stairs up to the roof, where they could confront Bender in exactly ten minutes.

Vai was right, the exhibit was quite random. Why focus on the future of conveyancing businesses near Carnegie of all places? The display room was nothing like the rest of the haunted museum, free of cobwebs and dust, with several brightly lit displays with futuristic objects.

Maphira and Vai split up to explore. Maphira didn’t find anything of particular interest on the left side, although perhaps it was because her thoughts still remained on Rylee. Had she found her way to the Mentone exhibit? Was she safe?

“Hey, Mai, come check this out.”

Crossing to the other side of the room, Maphira came to stand next to Vai. “What is it?”

Vai tapped on the glass, pointing to a piece of paper with words written all over it, like some sort of declaration or contract.

“It’s an agreement between the Conveyancing Guild of Victoria and the Conclave of Mechanists. Mai, they’ve joined forces. That’s why we were able to use so many conveyancing offices as hideouts.”

“Did you know about this?” Maphira asked.

Vai shook her head. “No idea. I thought we were allied, but this is a partnership. Oh, this is bad. This is really bad. With conveyancers and mechanics working together, they’ll be unstoppable. They’re setting up a combined headquarters in Carnegie, hence the exhibit featuring that suburb as the future of all conveyancing. It’s been in progress for years, but it’s due to be finished this month. This is their Death Moon, like in Space Battles.”

“Looks like this is our only chance, then.” Maphira sighed. “We have to capture Bender and finish this thing. Otherwise, they’ll be too powerful to ever stop.”