Glass Stair Balustrade

I love how the light hits my glass stair balustrade on a sunny day. I often sit under or beside the balustrade depending on where the light is hitting best. It not only warms my entire body, but it also looks absolutely beautiful and produces rainbows on the ground when the light hits in just the right spot. I thank my lucky stars every day that the sunlight hits the glass stair balustrade in my home.

I am so glad that I hung the expense and chose the more expensive glass when building my home, because it really does make a difference now. I can tell that the quality of the glass stair balustrade is top notch and it has gone a long way in making my house the warm and inviting place it is.

For anyone considering installing a glass stair balustrade in their home, this is my encouragement for you to do it. It’s really great and adds a lovely element of style to my home. I always get compliments on it and I know that people see it as a really notable and arty element of my home. No one knows how much I love sitting underneath it to have the sun warm my back. That’s something that I’m happy to keep to myself.

The company that installed the glass stair balustrade also doubles as glass replacement specialists. Melbourne has many specialists in this area, but I like that the company who did the initial installation can come and replace or repair the glass in my stair balustrade if need be. The quality of their product and service is second to none. I wouldn’t want any other company touching my stair balustrade. In instances like these it makes sense to stick with the company that has done such a good job already. 

I am so happy about my stair balustrade and love it more than anything in my house.

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