Hardware Store Revelations

Julie was shocked to see the grown woman burst into tears before her. It wasn’t every day that Julie went on a mission to learn more about her husband, so she wasn’t quite sure what to expect to begin with. All she knew was that her husband needed to visit this particular hardware store located near Sandringham more urgently than he needed to be with his family. 

When Julie told the shop assistant this, she expected the assistant to have no idea who she or her husband was. It took Julie by complete surprise to see that the woman in front of her was so emotionally moved by her story. Why did this woman react so strongly to what Julie had to say? The woman hadn’t verbally responded to anything Julie had said, with only her emotions giving away that the lady had listened to Julie speak at all. Julie decided to stand in front of the woman and silently examine her until the woman chose to speak. It was several minutes before either of them broke the silence.

The woman in front of Julie immediately apologised, saying that she had no idea that Jack was in a relationship, let alone married with a child on the way. The woman, who Julie later found out was named Jane, continued the story of how she and Jack met. He had come to this very hardware store and stood in the very spot they were standing now. Their eyes met when he asked the shop assistant whether this was a Cheltenham hardware store that sells timber or whether he should go somewhere else, as he was in desperate need of timber. That was the beginning of their love story, or so Julie was told. Julie was struggling to understand the words coming out of Jane’s mouth. Her husband was in a relationship with another woman? This was not expected in the slightest.