Helpful Commercial Plumber

‘I can’t believe how heavy it’s raining!’ I called into the entryway as I ran through my front door, briefcase tucked under my arm and a huge grin on my face. ‘It’s cats and dogs out there.’

I slipped off my boots and my coat, my smile dimming slightly when I didn’t hear anything back.

‘Honey? Anyone?’

I ruffled my hair a little to get any miscreant drops of water out and wandered into the empty kitchen. ‘Priya?’

I did a quick sweep of the lounge room and bedrooms – nobody.

‘That’s weird,’ I murmured to myself.

A loud crash echoed through the house, sounding like it came from the basement, and I quickly sprinted towards it. ‘Guys?’

I almost bowled my wife over in the hallway, and she let out a little shriek of surprise.

‘When did you get home?’ she asked, slapping me on the shoulder.

‘Just then,’ I babbled, confused. ‘What’s going on?’

‘A pipe burst,’ she sighed. ‘I sent the kids to your mum, and your dad is helping me with the water.’

‘Is it bad?’ I asked. She nodded glumly.

‘I’ve tried finding a drain blockage plumber near me, but they’re all flat out with the weather. God, I hate the rain!’ she shook her head.

‘Yeah, uh… yeah, me too,’ I nodded. ‘How’s dad doing?’

‘Just fine, thank you,’ a crotchety old voice called up the basement stairs. ‘And I’ll thank you not to talk about me when I’m not in the room!’

Priya closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

‘That bad?’ I mouthed at her. She nodded wearily.

‘I’ve tried very hard to find someone experienced with commercial plumbing services,’ she whispered. ‘So, so hard.’

I rubbed her shoulders supportively.

‘Alright,’ I sighed, rolling my sleeves up. ‘Let me help. What do you need, Dad?’ I called down the stairs.

‘A bit of quiet would be nice!’ he shot back.

‘Honestly,’ Priya shook her head, ‘I’d lock the door if I knew for certain he wouldn’t drown.’

I nodded, in total agreement.