Helpful Conveyancer Discussions

I am so full of energy. Get me out of this desk chair and throw me back into the weekend. I wish my boss would just throw her arms up in the air and tell us that Monday is cancelled and that we can go home. My boss would never do that though because she cares about keeping up appearances and it probably wouldn’t look very good if a client called and we were all unable to answer the phones. But also, WHO CARES. Let us live our lives! Let us enjoy the limited days that we have. Life is too short to sit at a desk all day and pretend to care about the work that I’m doing. Let me be free!

I’ll tell you who actually does care about the work that they’re doing though – the conveyancing solicitors who have consistently given me incredible advice about the property market and helped me with all the legal stuff that comes with buying a property. They were fantastic during my first property purchase and now I’ve gone back to them for legal assistance for my second property acquisition and they’ve been beyond helpful. I can tell that they’re not just doing what I’m doing and sitting at a desk every day because they have to. They actually want to be helping people with their properties and helping people sign off on their dream homes. It’s very impressive that they have such a deep passion for their jobs. I certainly don’t.

You should have heard the discussion I had with the conveyancing professional. Sandringham properties are usually impossible to purchase because the market is so competitive, but with a conveyancer as established as mine doing the legal paperwork for me, I have a better chance of acquiring a home in that great spot. I’m glad that there are people out there who actually care about their jobs because I’d be lost without my conveyancers.