Incredible Baby Video

I always get tired around 3:00pm. It’s that awkward time where I’m at the very crux of my lunchtime food coma and it’s getting close enough to the end of the day that my mind is subconsciously winding down. It probably doesn’t help that I’m very nice and cosy right now. I’m sitting on my plush couch under my brand new fluffy blanket and I am warm as toast.

I really should just fight my tiredness and keep working. But… not working just seems so appealing. It doesn’t help that I’ve just reverted back to my comfort video, which is a video that documents my son’s first year of life. Whenever I’m in need of a little pick-me-up, I find myself opening up the video so beautifully put together by a company offering post production services in Melbourne. They were kind enough to edit together a video of my son’s first year, and it is just so magical to watch him go from this tiny, helpless alien to a little person with his own little personality, thoughts and feelings. I really shouldn’t be watching this video on company time, but I need some sort of reason to keep working rather than go to bed, and there is no better reason than my son who I love so much. He is a big distraction though and now after watching this beautifully created video, I just want to cuddle him and protect him every moment of every day.

Well, I’m well and truly behind on my work now. I’ve been so distracted by the video of my son. It really brings a tear to my eye.

Now that I think of it, my work is actually looking for a corporate video production company based in Melbourne to create a video for them. This company did such a good job with my son’s video, that I’d be willing to put their name forward to take on our big corporate job. I can definitely vouch for their ability to create emotions.

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