Office Vantage Point

Vai took a laser tag vest with blue lights, preparing for the battle ahead. Maphira looked her over, admitting that her former partner looked good in it. She held her laser blaster ready, then nodded that she was set to go.

Maphira and Vai walked together, heading through the doors, into a dark office space that had been seemingly destroyed, although she suspected that it was all part of the arena’s design. Tables were overturned, chairs ripped apart, and paper was scattered everywhere. All part of the post-apocalyptic laser tag feel. Whichever business for office space design located in Melbourne had completed this fitout had probably been very confused.

“You ready for this?” Vai asked.

“Let’s do this thing.”

Across the office laser tag arena, ten robots with flashing red lights emerged from the exit. They spread out across the area, and suddenly, the battle was on.

Maphira and Vai weaved between cubicles, crouching low so that the robots had less to target. They worked with precision, firing their lasers into the robots when they were unaware.

Thankfully, the arena was based on a commercial office design near Melbourne that was quite popular, so Maphira knew it well. Without a rough map of the office in her head, things might have been very different.

It wasn’t long, though, before Maphira realised what the robots were doing. Assessing the area in her head, she realised that they were being herded toward the back wall, where it would be open season on Maphira and Vai. 

Quickly thinking of her options, Maphira came up with a plan to get them out of this office and into the next one, assuming it was an office at all.

Maphira leapt onto a nearby desk chair, riding it across the floor until she reached a photocopier. Jumping onto the copier, she had an excellent view of the office, while being covered by a nearby pillar. All she had to do now was give Vai plenty of covering fire while they cleaned up the building.