Spring Garden Fashion

Some of my favourite things about spring: the flowers, the light, the smell and the fashion. Spring fashion is everything. It is effortless and pastel and layered. This month I was asked to design a small boutique line of womenswear for a fairly major designer. This is a dream job for me. I couldn’t have asked for a more interesting task to tackle. They want 10 spring themed pieces for the everyday in touch woman. I really like to take my inspiration from nature and I find when I spend a lot of time outdoors my creative juices really flow. I never start the designing process until I have a full concept for the entire line. This time I am going with standard roses. They are diverse, elegant and ubiquitous which are all traits associated with fashion and everyday women.

I really like to do my research so I visited botanical gardens and flower shows wherever and whenever I can. The high society daffodil is definitely my favourite and not just because of the name, it’s grace and elegance is unrivalled and I have started drawing it in different forms as I want it to be prominent theme throughout the line. Similarly pink roses are exquisite and I can see their colours working really well as a template for a spring pant suit. I have been so captured by the beauty and power of roses I have decided to plant my own that if I have timed correctly will hopefully bloom just as my line is being released. I bought some top of the range soil enhancer and planted my brindabella roses as a sign of the progress of women and fashion. I have been sketching beside my plants every day and the line is really taking shape. Faint yellows and pinks are scattered amongst a white backdrop and I have decided to use all locally sourced ethical materials.