The Shoulder Procedure

I have been dealing with shoulder pain for several months now. At first, I didn’t want to get it seen to because I try to avoid spending money as a rule, however it eventually got so bad that I had no other choice. It wasn’t responding to the nonsurgical treatment I had tried, like resting and heat packs. I eventually went to see a masseuse who took one look at it and referred me to a specialist. Now I need to have a proper procedure.

Apparently the procedure I have to undergo is called a shoulder arthroscopy, which is where the surgeon inserts a small camera into my shoulder joint. I’ve seen how it works online. The camera shows the surgeon pictures on a video monitor, and the surgeon uses those pictures to guide the instruments. If I’m honest, I’m a little bit nervous. I haven’t had a major surgery like this in years.

I’ve been reading about what kinds of surgeries could be given to me once the source of my shoulder pain is diagnosed. I even found a company that is supposedly offering the best rotator cuff repair Melbourne has, and they were a great source of information. Apparently this is sort of an extension of the arthroscopy, where the joint is inspected to confirm just how much damage there is. Then the surgeon could potentially perform subacromial decompression to clear away any inflamed tissue or bone spurs that are irritating my rotator cuff. Once my torn tendon has been freed of scar tissue, it can be repaired back to the bone using instruments like anchors and sutures. It all sounds very simple when you read about it, but I know these surgeons are professionals who have had to spend years in medical school to ensure they can perform these surgeries correctly. I have a lot of respect for them and their profession and I am looking forward to getting my shoulder repaired.