Ute Conversations Incoming

Rylee moved through the empty conveyancing museum, searching for answers. As she wheeled herself about, she looked for anything that might give her clues as to what had happened on the roof. The chances of her finding anything were slim, but it wasn’t like she could get onto the roof with a broken leg.

Despite her doubts, it wasn’t long before she stumbled across the Conveyancing of the Future exhibit, as well as a written agreement proudly displayed, which told her about the Conclave of Mechanists’ alliance with the conveyancers of Melbourne, along with their new base in Carnegie.

So, assuming Maphira and Vai had somehow been defeated and not immediately had their lives ended by the Conclave, they were probably being taken to this new Carnegie base. Now Rylee just had to work out how she’d get there. She had an idea, although she wasn’t particularly fond of it, given it would probably involve some long conversations about aluminium ute canopies, which she was not in the mood for.

Satisfied with her exploration of the museum, Rylee headed for the exit, then took the elevator down to the ground floor. She wheeled out of the high rise building without anybody even looking at her twice, then called a taxi to get her where she needed to go.

By then, she’d accepted that there wasn’t really another choice. She couldn’t save Maphira and Vai on her own – not with a broken leg, so she’d need to recruit somebody who would help her without question. Which meant she had to prepare herself for a long conversation or two about the best shop for a ute toolbox Melbourne had to offer.

As the taxi driver helped her into the vehicle, Rylee sighed. When he asked where she needed to go, she had the man start driving for the hills.

Hopefully, this wasn’t all for nothing. She was certainly taking a big gamble, but it wasn’t like she had any other options. Rylee could only hope he had been genuine the last time they spoke.

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