Visit From A Technician

The heating technician is currently in my home servicing my heater. I am a bit shocked and I am standing well away from him while he does his work. I’m not afraid of the technician, but the entire situation has confused me. Who would be responsible for this? I called my daughter to ask her if she knew anything about it and she did not. She warned me that it could be a trick and to pay close attention to him as he worked, but I know it’s not a scam. This is the same man who performed last year’s ducted heater service. Canberra is a very small city and I know everyone who lives here. I may not know them by name, but I am old enough to have seen the faces of everyone who lives here.

I’ve decided to ask the technician for more information about the anonymous person. Someone went out of their way to book a heating service for little old me and I would like to know who it was. I would like to knit them a jumper as a thank you for their generosity. No one had to do this for me. It is random acts of kindness like this that make the world a better place. I will repay this random act of kindness in some way, shape or form.

The heating repairs technician operating in Canberra is finishing up his service now. Before he leaves I’m going to get information out of him. I am a kind old lady and I am able to will people into doing as I say. People struggle to say no to elderly women, especially when they are cute and kind. As I have been old for many years now, I am able to do this quite well. I have practised for many years and I am proud to say that no one can resist my cute, old lady charm.