Wall Art Decisions

I’ve got some serious decision making to do. I’m trying to find a new look for myself and my home, which means reinventing how I see myself. There are some things that I want to try but they’re going to take a long time to reverse if they go wrong or I don’t like them. For example, I really want to cut my hair shorter, almost shoulder length. The issue is my hair is really curly and already doesn’t have much weight holding it down, and if I get it cut it’s going to be even more fluffy. I don’t want my hair to look really big and then it doesn’t grow for at best, months, or at worst, never. It’s a big risk, but my hair is just so ugly and distracting that I need to do something about it.

Anyway, the main point of this blog was supposed to be about how I’m reinventing the design in my home, not myself. Although I’m personally less stressed about the changes I’m going to make in my home (because they’re easily changed if I end up deciding that I don’t like them). If I end up deciding that I don’t like the nursery wall decals I’ve selected, I can easily swap them out for nursery wallpaper or something similar. It’s significantly easier making that change than it will be to grow out hair that may never grow again.

Stress! I’ve got big decisions to make. I just wish my hair could be as easily fixed as simply swapping out my custom wall decal collection. Designed in Melbourne, these decals are the best of the best, but if I decide I don’t like them, that’s okay. As I’ve said over and over, it’s a lot less of a permanent decision than getting a potentially life-changing haircut. If my hair looks ugly then I’ll never want to leave the house again.